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Kids Quality Clothing & Misc. -
(PLEASE Read ALL Of The Description)

*Posting Items*
For Multiple Photos Of The Same Item (Please Post Additional Photos Under Comments - One photo and additional under comments). Please Include Description, Location, Price and Size.

*Please Check Out The Quality Sites*

*PLEASE Exchange Phone Numbers* It is the buyer and sellers responsibility to communicate with each other prior to the meet and phone numbers will help incase an issue arises. It is up to the seller to decide where items are picked up.

*Please give someone 24hrs* To reply back to you after they have shown interest. Reminders are helpful as well before you move down the line .Once someone has passed or you haven't heard back within 24hrs, then move to next person. Comments (size, location, age, me, price, color, etc) are signs of interest (they do not need to say (interested) to show interest). If you need item sold right away please say (would like to have picked up by). I like to give a two or three day pickup day deadline and still use the honor system but they will know if this is something they fit into their schedule. No FCFS Please

*Please Be Respectful* Of Feelings, of situations that may come up, for people that are new to the site and might not know how the site works. I consider this group a TEAM and YOU GUYS are the SUCCESS of this group.

*ISO* Means (in search of) it is hard to keep track of ISO so unless the seller is posting in relation to a ISO of request, then it will go as a regular listing.
Please Note - If you do a post for that ISO PLEASE list the person name on description.

*PPU* Means Sold Pending Pickup

*Group Photos* If you click on photos on the top you can see all the photos of items for sale.

*Sold Items/Deleting Photos* Please delete any sold items or please tag myself Jamie Ingle to delete them. Or please ask how to delete the photos.

*Please Take A Moment To Present Your Items* display them so they look more appealing, this will make the site look clean, nice and refreshing.... Just remember people can go to a store where everything is new and clean, so if you present your items the same way (everyone will be happy and enjoy what they see ;)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me (it hard to see random posts of people upset about no shows etc. we can do that behind the scenes. Enjoy!