Queensbury Online Sales

- THIS SITE IS NOT FOR CLOTHES. Any type of clothing is prohibited from being sold here. This includes shoes, shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, etc. These posts will be removed with no warning. If the same person continues to post these items after their posts were deleted, you will be permanently removed from this site.
- The advertisements of garage sales is prohibited.
- You agree to limit the number of postings to 10 a day. After such items are sold it will be required to remove postings in a timely manner.
- You MUST delete your sold items. No exceptions. If you don't know how to delete a sold item, you shouldn't post an item until you know how to delete it when its sold.
- Bumping will be limited to 3 times a day, up to 10 items per day.
- Set a price on your items, no "make offer" posts, as it only starts a bidding war and creates drama and this isn't an auction site.
- You MUST describe your items as accurately as possible. Be as detailed as possible. Also try to post a photo of the actual item, not a generic photo. We will not tolerate false advertising.
- If you have no interest in an item, DO NOT COMMENT. You should NOT be starting a new post if it has nothing to do with selling, buying, or ISO ("in search of) an item. No exceptions.
- If you ban ANY admin for ANY reason, we can see it - and you will automatically be banned from this group.
- The "drama" will NOT be tolerated. There are to be no posts bashing a particular member of this site. If you have an issue with a member, contact the admins of this site. Unless you are selling or buying something, you should not be starting a new post.
- The sale of used mattresses is banned from being sold on this site.
- You must be as fair as possible. Do not promise to hold an item, and then sell it to someone else. It will not be tolerated. We recommend saying "will not hold", or "first come first serve" if that is what you want". If we get repeated complaints about shady or unfair dealings, you will be removed.
- We are able to remove ("ban") anyone at our discretion with no warning, that we feel necessary. If we feel you are being shady, or repeatedly post clothes, shoes, no price, comment on items you aren't interested in, get large amounts of complaints about a specific person, etc - you will be permanently removed from this site. Basically, we don't need to provide a reason if we choose to remove you from this group. It's at the admins discretion.
- Multiple accounts are NOT allowed. You must have ONE account on this site.
- No animals are to be sold or given away on this site under ANY circumstances. ONE post for lost pets is ok. This is for ALL ANIMALS. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you post animals here, you will be removed from this site with no warning.

Failure to not comply with ANY of the above rules will risk you getting banned from this group