QuEsTiOn & AnSwEr


This group is automatically generated based on what the average Facebook user is interested in, which is the ability to ASK, ANSWER, or receive ANSWER to life's daily challenging questions which cuts across every facet of life.
Our Team of EXPERTS and PROFESSIONALS and you too, are from different fields and are ready to provide ANSWERS to your REASONABLE questions.

Welcome to Question & Answer the home of great possibilities. We love and cherish every member, and are here to chart a way forward and to help each other in every possible way.


SHORTWORD: It is illegal to post anything in shortwords.
Any post in shortwords must be deleted, except.
we detest shortwords because it corrupts the brain. u, c, d, de, ur, lv, lk, lyk, da, are not allowed. One is only free to use short words in comment.

. Do not use abusive language on anyone.

. Do not copy & post junk here. Be original.

LANGUAGE: only English language is allowed.

. IMAGES: Do not post any useless image, every image you post must have a content connected to it. Do not post any image just to say, one word for this or describe in one word.

. GRAPHIC Images are no allowed. Even if it a news story. We do not want gory or implicit images.

. Posting fake stories are illegal here. always put the source of every news item you post.

. ADMINS: Please, correct with love and care. Do not use harsh words toward any member. We must lead by example.

. BLOG LINKS: Members are not allowed to post links of personal blogs here. They can post quotes or the entire article from their blog. You are not allowed to post links of any group or page which Question & Answer is not affiliated to.

Help us to reach our desired goal by adding all your friends to this GROUP starting from now. If you are having problems adding friends, please contact us for help. It is your duty as a member of this group to add good friends.

. NOTE. There are many more benefits to being a member of this group, the major one is the opportunity to get instant answer to your questions.
Cash gift, help, International connections, and a lot more.

Every member must know our RULES and REGULATIONS. These rules are constantly being updated. know the rules to avoid infringement and punishment.
Happy stay.