Quilt Along with Pat Sloan

To join my Quilt group PUT SOMETHING that shows you are a quilter on your page so I can tell you are not spam. It's a great idea to do that no matter how long you've been on FB.. if I think you are a fake account, I won't approve you.

(http://www.PatSloan.com/) is for sharing what we are quilting. I am the host and owner of the group and I'll be sharing TWO FREE sew alongs. Vacation time and the Aurifil Designer blocks, both FREE! Then there will be lots of fun UFO finishing chatter and SCRAP BUSTING patterns during the whole year with more sew alongs planned! Thank you for being here, Let's go Sew (and share what you sew.. wink!)

***Note: anything you post, messages, pictures, etc WILL show up on your page. Do not post pictures of items you are giving as gifts. Your friend WILL see them. If you need more info - this link explains how Facebook-groups work https://www.facebook.com/help/220336891328465

Terms of Use
--Please do not post your items for sale and right now there are NO SWAPS going on in my group, please do not start one. Email me if you are confused. Posts selling things, using affiliate links or other thing the moderator feels is selling, will be deleted.There are other forums specifically designed for selling and swapping
--TOPICS ALLOWED With almost 40,000 people we need to keep our topics TIGHT to Quilting Related/Projects made with Quilting fabric ...etc.. you know what is proper.... or it will be CHAOS here .. and none of us want to ruin it .. Right? No Homes for Sale, No Medical Reports, NO Non Quilting Requests, NO Asking for things to be sent to you, No Best Buy on Kitchen Cabinets..wink!! Those WILL BE DELETED and You will NOT be asked.
--COPYRIGHTS - Here is what we do. If you want to share a pattern. LINK TO THE WEBSITE where people can download or purchase it. PERIOD. There is NO OTHER OPTION for this. If it is in a magazine, list the name, month, year and people can find it. If it is in a book, link to where people can buy the book. If you are confused, EMAIL ME [email protected]
--Be KIND and Supportive when posting comments. If you wouldn't say it to your grandma, then don't say it here. Any post that is, in the moderator's opinion, deemed inconsistent with the purpose or interest of the group will be deleted. This includes any post or comment that is rude, excessively self-promoting a business or product in a way that might be considered advertising or spamming. Anyone repeatedly violating this policy will be removed from the group.

As the owner of the group I will be posting links to my website from time to time and selling my things.
Pat Sloan
Radio Show Host, Author, Fabric Designer, Quilt Maker