Electronic and Electrical Sales, Service and Advice (s80 and surrounding)


. This Group is for Buying, Selling and Swapping Electronic and Electrical Items Only.
. Electronic and Electrical Services may be Advertised here e.g... Repairs, Shops etc...
. This Group can be used to ask for advise on repairing Electronic and Electrical Items, but please make sure the Advise is Correct and Factual. (any advise given is used at the asker's own discretion, and the person giving it is NOT LIABLE for Damage or Injury Caused by following it).
. NO Found/Stolen items to be advertised for sale. Network blocked phones usually mean their lost or stolen Etc...
. DO NOT bump your posts/items more than '5' TIMES a day.
. Please state a Postcode for any items you're selling.
. Please delete any items that are Sold and Collected.
. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but do try not to be rude or aggressive towards others in the Group.
. DO NOT Hijack another persons post - create your own, everyone is entitled to sell their items at the price they want and not what you think they should be charging.