Assalamu Alaikum warhmatullahi wabrRakatuhu

Dear Friends This i...s social networking and we have also family members in this Group please Don't Post non sens things like songs , double meaning jokes and sher -0 - shari , vulgar things , and pictures we are here to share general topics ISLAMIC views , ideas and quotes " your posts will be removed with out informing further .

FUN doesn't mean doing wrong things , Islam Allows you to fun but in Halal way do not cross your limits that takes you to hell fire watch out .. Allah SWT says in Surah Anam ( 6: 32) And life of this World is nothing but play and amusement , but far better is the house of hereafter for those who are the pious .

May Allah save us All from the steps of saitan ...Ameen ya Rabbul Alameen