A group to unite all organic raw food vegans.

Raw fooders travel. And we are traveling everywhere, all around the globe… This group unites the fragmented European raw/living foods community.

Here is a space to compile all big events and raw food happenings. Now, this group serves as a global network of raw food people. (Cooked-food vegans can join too :p)

There are many groups fragmented by country/region/company where we are posting about specific and local happenings. Please post here about big events, important events, global events, European events, course, etc. Please, ask for tips here and share what you are learning and creating! :)

I welcome you to invite ALL your vegan (organic, raw-food-loving) and non-vegan friends, alike! :) SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! ABUNDANCE brings abundance. :D

Let us put all our differences aside (80-10-10, fruitarian, low-glycemic, superfoods junkie :p) AND UNITE AS VEGANS.

Let us become a force for veganism, a light for the new world, ushering in others by lending a helping hand.

Let us express our opinions, engage in exchange, enlighten one another with ideas from around the world. And, most of all, may we support each other, help each other to build and envision our collective future. May we remind one-another, that there ARE other RAW VEGANS “OUT THERE”, (just like you!); and that we are not alone. :) Namaste.

Invite everyone you know to whom this group could be a light of hope, a torch of inspiration, so that we may bring more consciousness and action to our lives. May this group be a place of inspiration, and a lifeline for any and all who need it. May we come together, freely and openly, sharing information, Being Love and benefiting all of humankind.

Abundance is Love. Be Love! Love life; Love veganism. Be the Love and Be FREE!

This idea is simple. ;) I love you. Share this group.