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Why Conscious Nutrition Conscious Living?

RAWcademy welcome all members in this group to discuss about any subject regarding health and well-being. Conscious living is a combination of many factors, such as Conscious Nutrition, pure water, exercise, resting sleep, meditation, mental health, loving relationships, giving, friends, family, laughter and love. All related topics are welcome in this group.

This group was created to enhance the public/ community/ us knowledge/ awareness. Please share what you fell you can give for free/ pro bonus/ loving gift, please do, if not, don’t. But it is best to be scientifically proven, peer reviewed, or clinical studies is also appreciated (please attach a link to it if possible, or lead us to where to find it). Otherwise it is one’s personal opinion, or just speculation. (What is ok as well, but please state that is your personal opinion, so we all don’t go crazy trying to find the studies for it.)

This group is NOT meant for advertisement or self-promotion. Let's be kind to all members and keep it down. But, it will be allowed, only if, someone in the group ask a question/suggestion, that sharing your company information, or promoting your skills would be appropriate.

Thank you for participating in this group and for sharing your valuable knowledge to the community (us)

My expertize on studies is about Living Plant-Based Foods, please check on files a word on: Why Living- Plant-Based Foods?

At RAWcademy we are dedicated to providing you with the information and tools necessary to make a Conscious decision for a Conscious Nutrition & Conscious Living.

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Shine in Health!