Record Collectors Paradise


Welcome to Record Collectors Paradise. This is a CLOSED group for lovers and addicts of records. This group is a work in progress to hopefully make it the paradise it should be. All suggestions and help from members will be considered and greatly appreciated. Only YOU can make this group a success with your sharing, knowledge and conversation!


From time to time, the Administrators may see fit to add, subtract or modify these guidelines to help make the group a happier, friendlier group.

This is strictly a group for VINYL RECORDS. No cassettes, CD's, MP3's and such. We want to focus strictly on the record media format.
So, post pictures of LOTS of your records! The more, the merrier! Show us your turntables, receivers, speakers and listening areas/rooms! Also, you may share information such as upcoming record events, record conventions.

I see no reason to censor album cover art in this group, unless, in rare occasions, extremely objectionable. Please keep comments about any and all album art, as well as record contents appropriate. We cannot advocate any album art to be treated as pornographic in this group. Those comments will have to be removed.

Please, no YouTube links or other videos. No ads or other links such strings of hashtags, links to other groups or pages. We take this part of the guidelines VERY seriously. If you feel the compulsion to post links and videos, you need to do it elsewhere.

And, please, let's all try to be respectful to one another. If we have a disagreement, let's work it out without profanity, threats, name calling or any other immature insanity.

We are also split into three distinct groups:

Record Collectors Paradise - for sharing our records

Record Collectors Record Store Listings - for our favorite record stores

Record Collectors Paradise Sell & Trading Group - to sell your goodies

Please make sure you are added to all three and feel free to contribute.

We sincerely hope that fellow members can go along with these simple requests. If not, we will be forced to remove what we ask not to be here. If those continue, we will have to remove you! And we surely don't want to do that.. Also, any harassment of other members will simply get you booted from the group. We don't want that, so please treat each other as fellow record friends.

That's it! Please feel free to contribute to the betterment of this group. You can message any administrator,
Mark O'Neill
Heath Sealy
Bob Dalrymple
John Nixon
Stephanie Trombley
Lance Dillinger
Sharon Daniel
or me, Sammy.

Thank you. Now let's see your records!