Ringers From The Top End (RFTTE)

Ringers From The Top End or RFTTE is 'The Online Campfire'™ for people who have worked or work on cattle stations in Australia including SA, NT, WA, Qld and North/ Western NSW. This group is not limited to just ringers (RINGER is a term for those on horseback who round up cattle, basically a Ringer is the Australian name for a cowboy) but a group for anyone who has worked or is working or indeed wants to know more about life on a cattle station.

Any spam, swearing, personal abuse, racist comments/posts or topics not relating to the group - then these people will be permanently deleted/ blocked from the group - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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If you are an employer offering a job on a cattle station or looking for work on a station, a fair dinkum one, then please post away - that is one of the main reasons I started the group.

Positions on a cattle station could include (but not limited to) cooks, chopper & fixed wing pilots (airborne ringers), bore runners, bull catcher drivers, truck/ road train drivers, nanny's (child carers), governesses, teachers, labourers, managers, head stockmen, butchers, jilleroos, jackeroos, drovers, fence builders, administrators, cleaners, horse trainers, veterinarians, mechanics, welders, yard builders, heavy machinery operators, outback cattle station tourism operators, feedlot farmers etc etc ...

Please let us know in the discussion section below where you worked or are currently working, what your job is/ was and what year/s. And if you're done and dusted with the station life, let us know what you do now & where.

I hope you enjoy the RFTTE group.

Hooroo for now,

Simon Cheatham
(Founder - RFTTE)
Twitter: @rftte
About Simon: http://ausagcareers.com/profile/simon-cheatham-founder-of-ringers-from-the-top-end/

Listen to ABC National Radio RFTTE Interview with Bush Telegraph host Michael Mackenzie:

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