RG Residency Group

*** Please Do Not Share Your Confidential/Personal Information Here ***

Noida's first Landscaped Podium Residential Complex ". Spread across 12.75 acres
Group Rules:
1. FLAT OWNERS only: This Group for RG Residency flat owners and their family members only. KINDLY fill the Form by clicking on the below link with your details befor joining this group.This will help to verify that you are a genuine flat owner of Rg Residency.


2. NO BROKERS absolutely: Any broker advertising will result in immediate banning from the group.

3. Group is also not open for RG employees or ex RG employees, or even their family members.
If you are a flat owner but also a broker or a RG employee, or ex Rg employee, then also this group is not for you.

4. Anti SPAM policy: First incident of spam results in a warning. Second incident results in automatic termination. In case of suspected about spam more time will be given to member to clean it up.. But still if spam postings continue after the time has been provided, member shall stand removed from the group.