RMIT Photography Club

The RMIT Photography Club is a brand new RUSU club for all amateur photographers at RMIT! This club is not linked to photography studies at RMIT.
official webpage:

Club Aims:

1. To provide a non-academic based club for all RMIT students who are interested in amateur photography

2. To provide RMIT amateur photographers with a friendly and fun way to develop their skills through workshops, skill sharing, photography outings and competitions

3. To assist RMIT amateur photographers to gain access to professional photography equipment through equipment sharing

The planned activities of the club are:

1. Regular on campus meetings to share our love of photography and our photographic work

2. Regular on and off campus skill sharing workshops

3. At least one annual Club photo competition

4. Shared activities with other campus photography clubs

5. Participate in RUSU events such as Orientation

RMIT student members are needed to get this new club fully affiliated and active in 2014

To find out more about the club, please contact Club Founder Qicong Lin at [email protected]