RV Happiness

RVing makes us happy. Really happy. If your RV makes you happy, too... you belong here! We are part-time and full-time RVers, and full-time RV enthusiasts. We welcome anyone who shares our zest for all things RVing to join in on the discussion and bring along your experiences, adventures and tips. RV Bloggers are welcome to share articles, and if you have something to sell, that’s OK to share, too (within reason).

We hope to foster an upbeat, positive vibe, where we can learn from each other and share experiences about RVing. The three most important rules to maintain happiness:
-The Golden Rule- Do Onto Others.
-Be nice.
-No controversial stuff (religion, politics, guns, etc.) or your post/you will be deleted.

Here are some reasons that cause us to pause about accepting someone into RV Happiness:

-You only have a cartoon as a profile picture with no personal info, but lots of memes or stock photos in your FB page (reason: probable spammer).
-You are a member of many, many FB groups with no personal info on your FB page (reason: probable spammer)
-You have controversial imagery in your FB Page (reason: possible ulterior motives).

Now let’s get happy and talk about RVs!