Revival of ReBoot

The TV show ReBoot began as a children's show about the people inside of computers... and eventually evolved into an incredible series with a unique plot and rabid following formed of people of all ages. Despite this, the show got more and more elusive over the entirety of television networks, and then, tragically had its life cut short.

Such a fine show deserves a continuation of its life! And that's what this group is all about.

On May 29th, 2006 a long time fan got very tired of the lack of ReBoot over the 5-6 years since the cliffhanger of Season 4. He thought up the idea to contact the voice actors for help, which then expanded into contacting the staff. From then on the idea grew and grew. By late June, a MySpace page was created to gather fans from that online community. A month later, the group had over 200 fans to help support the cause, and this Facebook group is a continuation of that support for such a revival.