Khmer Arts (Foods, Musics & Fashions)

To all Khmer Arts (Foods, Fruits, Musics & Fashions) respectable members,

As members, you can post on Khmer Arts such as Foods, Fruits, Musics & Clothes Fashions. Things that would be considered as Khmer or Cambodian in their traditions, cultural images etc. Please respect your fellow members appropriately.

Please do not post any sad events, commercial advertisements, religions or politic issues from any where in the world.

Requirements: As members in Khmer Arts, you must have the picture of yourself or the picture of your kids as your profile, no exceptions. Please, no fake identities.

Please kindly show your humble appreciation by clicking "Like or say nice things" to your fellow members who bust their rear-ends in their special talents to share with you such as cookings, musics & fashions etc.

This group needs interaction & participation. If you fail to do so for three occasions, and Reahu Meas sees that you have no appreciation for your fellow members for their efforts, Reahu Meas will politely ask you to remove yourself from Khmer Arts Group.

For any reasons that you disagree with my explanation to you above, please feel freely to joint the groups that have no appreciation & the silent manors as you do.
I mean what I write to my assertion. Please enjoy your activities in your Khmer Arts.

I am not the one who created this wonderful Khmer Arts. The real smart & Native Khmer man Mr. (Keeree Sovan Sross) is the one. I, Rearhu Meas, am just an administrator, a (watch dog) for Khmer Arts Activities.

Thank you.