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Out of the Box Owl
Not Your Basic Pitch Marketing!

Welcome agents! This page was designed to help agents come up with new and innovative ways to market yourself. This means no door knocking, cold calling and the like. After posting a few of my unique ideas on various well known Facebook pages I got hundreds of people contacting me. It's easier for me to post an idea publicly and answer questions then it is to have 500+ private conversations going on. Every idea that I post, I've used and found it to be effective. Many of my ideas are free or very low cost. If you use an idea please share how it worked for you. If you have a creative idea or a new program that seems promising, please post it.

Here's a little background on me. My name is Shannon Moore and I'm the broker/owner of Green Lion Realty-… I started my career with Prudential Realty (now Berkshire Hathaway), then went to Re/Max and decided to open my own brokerage six years ago.

My real estate opinions have been quoted in The New York Times, NPR, CNN, Fox Business and hundreds of other news outlets. At the age of 14 my middle daughter, Willow Tufano, purchased a home and was dubbed "America's Youngest Landlord". What started out as a homeschool project, learning how to flip homes, has now blossomed into a career in marketing. She appeared on The Ellen Show and went on to do over 185 interviews Nationally and Internationally-CNN, NPR, Inside Edition, Time Magazine and many more. She also does public speaking about investing.

Sit down, pull up a chair and lets discuss your most creative idea. Please do not post any listings or promote products unless you are asking questions about a product.

This is Not Your Basic Pitch Marketing!