Red Giant Entertainment Fans and Investors Group

THANK YOU for joining the team. Many who contribute to this site come from diverse backgrounds (students, artists, investors, technicians, full time workers, self-employed, retirees, comic, film and gaming fans etc.). We share a common goal. That goal is to SPREAD THE WORD about a great company: Red Giant Entertainment. We are excited about this company as it climbs to becoming a top-notch entertainment/trans-media company (who in our opinion will one day soon be a major player in the world of entertainment for all ages). As such, this site may be inherently biased towards the company and will positively focus on their artists, talent base, team members, events, movies, comics, gaming, product content, transmedia, news, updates and stock ticker symbol, etc..

Snapshot of goals of this page:

[1] Foremost, provide another avenue for fans & investors who enjoy & respect Red Giant Entertainment to exchange ideas. [2] Reach current/potential fans and any prospective investors who may feel disenchanted while interacting in other forums. [3] To provide honest feedback (opinions) on any updates released by the company. [4] To provide the commentary on the PPS movement via stock charting and occasional analysis by resident experts. [5] Provide opinions on research (Due Diligence - DD) that fans can discuss based on information found on public domain. [6] Establish a positive rapport with members of the REDG team.

Please NOTE that this is not the official company page. This is an independent page for Fans and Investors alike: to discuss all things Red Giant Entertainment (REDG). This is to be referenced for Entertainment Purposes only (please see disclosure/disclaimer under ‘files’). While completely independent of Red Giant Entertainment or its Mgmt., If you're interested in official and definite word/information/updates on Red Giant Entertainment ™®© the company, or it's strategic partners, please follow their official FB page at or visit their official site: and/or follow on Twitter: @RedGiantEnt

*None of the information we share, discuss or provide is to replace official company news or announcements. Through DD, many of our findings and discussions will usually include a reference source point and we will make all reasonable attempts to verify information or ask for details prior to posting.
*We value freedom of speech in this public forum, but derogatory terms or foul language with the intent to demean members of the company or other site members/people, will not be tolerated and a warning to member and/or deletion of commentary will follow.
* Off-topic subject matter may be deleted without notice. Spam will be automatically deleted and filtered based on subject matter, redundant postings, content, etc.. This is meant to keep the page professional and enjoyable for all members.