Reefs Of The World

Hello to all new members and Welcome to Reefs Of The World group photographic page. This group has been constructed for people to post their photographs, regarding all different kinds of reefs and marine life around the world.

All photographs posted should engage and bring about healthy and productive conversations, providing information, history, and personal diving experiences; plus any useful skills needed or used to capture images. So that we can all learn about how to get more out of our photography underwater.

Everyone should enjoy the exchange of information and hopefully this page will enthuse your passion for diving and help you discover new dive locations and friends.
Please always remember that we are guests in a fragile under water world when diving. So we should never touch or harass any marine life and leave all wrecks as we find them. So others can enjoy the beauty in the future. Marine conservation and Wreck conservation is our own duty to follow.

Only post Photographs.
Only 2 posts a day.
Only Post your own work.
No Copyright infringement of any kind.
No album shares to your facebook pages.
No shares of any kind.
No links to your Facebook pages or websites.
No Advertising Links of any kind.
No rude or obscene language.

Name Of Reef, Subject & location.
Cameras make & model.
Housing make.
Strobes or Continuous light source makes (or state if natural/ambient light used).
Shutter speed F-stop and ISO.
Special skills or equipment used to capture your images.

Please remember to comment on others photos and posts and answer any questions on your own work. Also remember to thank people if they have taken the time to like your work or write their thoughts on your post.

Lastly this page has been constructed to bring like-minded people together. The management requests that all are polite to one another, and treat everyone with the utmost respect. We wish to create a community of people who enjoy showing the beauty of their images. As we all have a special place in our hearts regarding the Reefs Of The World.
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