Ricky & Nicky The Gourmet Chefs - Post Your Recipes

This site is dedicated to all my friends who love to eat great food and want to share their great recipes with us - please post your favorite recipes for all us "GOURMETS" to enjoy!
Nicky Dimoff and myself, Ricky Piet, always joked about opening a chain of restaurants called "The Fat Boys" because as all of you know, we loved to eat great food and we would make any excuse to throw a party and cook for our friends.
Nicky left us three years ago but he would have loved this site. It is dedicated to his memory and to our friends who loved good food but decided to join Nicky in his celestial travels till we join them.
Tony Piccinato, Dom DeLuise, George Steinbrenner, Don Soulliere were just a few of those friends.