Ridgefield, CT

Ridgefield, CT Facebook group is for current and former Ridgefield residents only. A Ridgefield connection is required in your profile. This page is not associated with the Town of Ridgefield in an official governmental capacity.

Communication between member and member must be respectful at all times. Mean spirited, argumentative, hurtful posts will not be tolerated and will be deleted- no questions asked.

Bullying is taken very seriously. If there is any bullying on this page, or via private message from a member to a member or a member to an administrator, there will be serious action taken.

Our rules are simple:

It’s okay to:
1. Post requests for service providers
2. Share community news and events to local non-profit groups and activities only fundraisers where 100% of the proceeds for to the charity will be allowed.
3. Post local job offerings
4. Enjoy friendly, neighborly banter
5. Share ideas and concerns
6. Enjoy and take advantage of our holiday business allowance.

It’s not okay to:
1. Offer free services as a means to backdoor advertise
2. Post classified ads such as tag sale items
3. Advertise for profit businesses unless we have announced a special offering to do so.
4. Bash local businesses unless they have seriously injured you in one form or fashion. ( everyone has their own version of stories)

The admins. volunteer their time to help run a smooth page. They reserve the right to delete posts and ban users when needed to maintain the intent and integrity of this page. If such a disagreement erupts, any negative, threatening or mean spirited communication with admins. through private message, email, or any other form of contact will be considered harassment.