Ripley Derbyshire: Social Media Against Crime

This group was set up in response to being burgled recently. The aim is to provide real time information on crime in the Ripley area. To enable all the eyes and ears of a community to work as one, quickly, easily and effectively. Please feel free to invite all
your friends in the local area.

A note to all - This group is now an open group, when posting alerts be mindful about posting information that feeds details on short comings in your personal security. This is the very thing predators use to help them identify weaknesses:

1. Share crime incident descriptions and descriptions of perpetrators. Give the street name but not the full address.

2. Use the group to point out public safety issues (burned-out streetlights, street signs hidden by vines, abandoned cars, broken windows, etc.), and then take those issues to the council to get them fixed!

3. Report lost and found and suspicious incidents.

4. Private message nearby neighbors if you want to inform them you are going away. Think about posting holiday news or days out onto social network sites after you get back.

5. Check out your current Facebook privacy settings. If they are open or you do not personally know all your Facebook friends consider turning off your location settings on your posts and photos. Be extra careful when using social networks such as Foursquare.

Please support our main Facebook Page:

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