Rock Church: Deaf Ministry

"The Deaf Ministry exists to provide access for the Deaf to experience the fullness of Christ and to guide them into a life-changing and active relationship with the Lord.

The Mission of the Rock Church is to save, equip, and to send. It’s vision is pervasive hope. The Rock Church is committed to providing “city-TRANSFORMING ministry service” to the county of San Diego and the world.”

The Rock Church is one church with three great locations/campuses. Why? To serve and reach out to the Deaf Community all over San Diego! Now we can invite our Deaf friends to go to a Rock Church campus close to their home! ASL Interpreter Provided on Sundays at 10 AM at all our locations.

Rock Point Loma
2277 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92106
Transportation: MTS Bus #28
Rock North County
1740 La Costa Meadows Dr., Ste. 200, San Marcos, CA 92078
Rock East County:
808 Jackman Street, El Cajon, CA 92078
Transportation: Just 1.5 blocks north & across the street from El Cajon
Transit Center.
Bus #: 115, 815, 816, 833, 848, 870, 871, 874, 888, 891, 892 & 894, Trolley: Green & Orange Line

Rock Live Stream (Anywhere in the World!)
Live stream is closed captioned at 10AM (PST).
Go to and turn on the closed caption. Tell your friends
to check it out.

You can pick a campus that’s closest to your home. Or if you want to, go to another location. You can. It’s up to you! You are welcome to visit any of the campuses every Sunday if you like! Sunday service worship is live AWESOME music with that campus’ worship team. Then for Pastor Miles’ message, we watch live video (from Point Loma) on a BIG screen. Each campus has their own pastor and staff.

Even though we go to different campuses on Sundays we all see the same Pastor Miles’ message AND we are still together for Bible Study and events. Also, every Sunday, close to your campus, after 10 AM service we meet for Deaf Lunch but on the second Sunday of the month we meet in the middle for a big lunch fellowship. Every month during the summer, between Memorial Day & Labor Day weekends we have Deaf Picnic. There is a Bible Study every Thursday at East County at 7 PM and Women’s Prayer Breakfast once a month at Karen Tong-Bregman’s home. We also have fellowship events and outdoor activities every three months that we will announce. Lastly, Spring and Fall ASL classes are offered at Point Loma and East County.

VP#: 619-732–1500
Email: [email protected]