239 Rockin Moms

239 Rockin’ Moms:

This group is for moms located in the SWFL area only.

To become a member, complete the following private Google Doc and then PM the appropriate Admin letting them know you have done so. They will verify you and add you to the group as soon as possible. Thanks!

1 - Click Join Group

2 - Copy and paste the link below into your browser to access the document


3 - PM the admin that corresponds with the first letter of your FIRST NAME. You can access their personal pages by clicking on the blue link to the left.

A-G ~ Kristi Diller Valentine
H-M ~ Kristen Peterson Schaufler
N-S ~ Pam King
T-Z ~ Carly Allison

4-Allow time for an admin to approve you.

Our main focus is still the same: Support, advice, and encouragement for moms from moms. We encourage everyone to approach everything with kindness. Also, we do enjoy having “events” whether it is a simple play date at a park or a big back to school bash.

Everyone please remember this is the internet. Do not post something you wouldn’t want your neighbor to find out. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody and well we all know how that goes. Remember many members of this group are also part of many other groups and/or pages.

Business postings will now be allowed Monday, Wednesday only….. The only exception is Garage sale posting, those can be posted daily for the week you are having the sale.

We have a great group of Moms and many have businesses.
Sales posting will now be allowed Tuesday-Saturday, but you need to make sure that they are in an album, that way our news feed for the group isn’t being over ran by items for sale, you can bump them at the most 4 times a week

ISO (In Search Of) posts are allowed any day. However, if you are searching for free items... please limit your requests for such or take them to one of the many "FREE ITEMS" groups. We will deal with individuals who abuse or take advantage of our giving group on an individual basis. Please PM an admin for questions.

PLEASE DO NOT FEEL AS IF YOU HAVE TO DONATE AT ANY POINT. No one is obligated and we understand that times are tough. If you can it’s greatly appreciated and if you can’t we understand. If anyone has anything they wish to donate (give to another mom or get rid of) at any point please PM the admins. We will make arrangements to get the item from you and get it to a mom in need.

Rule violators will be warned up to 3 times and have your posts removed. After the 3rd time you will be removed from the group.
We have a GREAT group of moms and don’t foresee any problems with any of these rules!

Admins are: Kristi Diller Valentine & Kristen Peterson Schaufler, Pam King & Carly Allison