Rodney District

This group is anything and everything in Rodney. If you need advice, help with something, a review, directions, find out about events or what's going on this is your forum.

Our hope for this group is that it will be a community minded one where we can help each other out. Building a stronger community is our goal.

Organisations and businesses may advertise only once a week. Over posting will get you deleted. Selling is not allowed in this group. We encourage business and organisations to partake in conversations instead of just plugging there business or group. Negative posts will be deleted along with a warning. If it happens twice then you will be removed. Severe negativity warrants instant dismissal.

The golden rules are:

You are welcome to have your say but absolutely NO BULLYING and always show RESPECT or you will get deleted.

We would like to encourage a good sense of humour as we can all do with a laugh but please don't be offensive.

No politics, keep that to the party pages, official party pages can be share once a week.
Posts will be removed and further postings will get a ban.

Please tag Admin if posts get out of hand and if you feel threads are getting out of hand and you started it please take responsibility to delete.

There is to be no undermining of other groups because that's not what this group is about. Thank you for been part of this group. Happy posting. :-)