The Parliament

Join or form a political party for the full experience! All regi...stered parties have a document dedicated to their policies.

Information about Albion can be found many places: among them is the "pictures" folder, in the "albums" section.

The group rules are mainly concentrated in the document named Basic Rules or 'The Constitution'

The different parties can be found in the "files" section.
This is a forum which we use for documents along with the document page here in the group. It is easier to navigate the forum. All the discussions, elections etc. will happen here on Facebook. Always. To repeat: the forum is ONLY for storing documents in a navigable manner.

If you need any help, feel free to ask the group - we are a helpful and friendly community.

REMEMBER DEBATE ETIQUETTE. We are roleplaying -- it is okay to attack an ideology, but not to attack the person fronting it. We do not want a hostile or unpleasant environment, and if you are repeatedly caught lashing out at persons you will not stay here for long. See More