Kerala-Gods Own Country

A wonderful meeting place for all Keralites around the world to connect and interact with each other. The commune look forward for lively interaction and sharing of news,informations etc preferably relating to kerala among Members.We welcome all reputed keralites to be part of it.


Location : Southwestern tip of India.
Area : 38, 863 sq km.

Population : 3,18,38,619
Capital : Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)
Language : Malayalam;English is widely spoken.
Religion : Hinduism, Christianity, Islam
Time : GMT +5:30
Climate : Tropical.


Simple Guidlines For Smooth activity Of The Commune:

-Use Of Decent Language and Behaviour.
-Posting and uploading Quality Stuff.
-News and aricles pertaining to kerala Preffered.
-Share photos and videos that you own
with other community members by uploading it.
-No religious/racist topics
-Issues about the community could be sent to the administrators.
-Encourage and congratulate each other.
-No Advertisements without prior permission from the administrators!!
-Give Respect And Take Respect.
-Enjoy staying in our fabulous community.