SA First Forum

• We are committed and passionate ...South Africans.
• Our objectives are democracy, non-racialism, non-sexism & freedom.
• We are motivated by ethical leadership, morality, governance, justice and equality.
• We are inclusive of any person who values our principles, as an alternative to our current political landscape.
• We do not represent or promote any political party.
• We want to create a future where our country and its people are prioritised.
• We want to assist in ensuring our Constitution is respected and upheld.
• We want to champion permanent, positive social, economic and political change.
• We want everybody to understand why protecting our Constitution is important. As part of this process, we will make a summary of the Nkandla constitutional court judgment available in all official South African languages.
• To call ourselves the South Africa First Forum.
• To unite and connect with all those who want to be part of positive change.
• To convince at least one million people to sign a memorandum embracing what stand for.
• To harness the power of all like-minded South Africans in our quest to help build a truly united country which celebrates and values all its diverse people equally.
• To strongly encourage and promote active individual involvement in bringing about change.
• To ensure that our organisation has a long term, fundamental impact through the guidance and dedication of our working committee.
• To use word of mouth and social media to promote this forum.
• To allow membership of the forum to those who demonstrate agreement with our founding principles.
• Join us, the South Africa First Forum, through our online and other moderated channels.
• Invite your friends, family, colleagues, employees, employers and anybody else who wants to become part of a group of South Africans dedicated to unlocking the vast potential of our country to the benefit of all.
• Make efforts to attend the planned Forum meetings to discuss achieving our objectives and our plan of action as an inclusive non political Forum.