Sexual Abuse Survivors' Empowerment Group

I have set up this Group, for anyone who has experienced Sexual Abuse/Incest. Members are welcome regardless of gender, colour, sexual orientation, culture, religion, etc. Despite any 'differences', we all have individual but similar experiences in common which have effected how we feel about ourselves.

As a survivor myself, I feel passionate about creating this Group. Survivors do not have to feel isolated. We can come together knowing we are NOT alone. Provide mutual support, encouragement and reassurance to each other.

It does not matter how far along your 'journey' you are, you are welcome here. This is a 'closed' Group so only other group members see what we share. By the way, we can also have a laugh here too!!

Lets's try not to swear and if we need to, use s##t etc, as some members may be offended. Let's keep what we share in the group please.

And remember, even if you dont believe it yet.... the toxic SHAME is not yours - it belongs to those who abused you.

With love