South Bay Martial Arts & Tricking

Welcome to the South Bay Martial Arts & Tricking Group!

This group is for everyone and anyone interested in coming to learn, train, or even just talk Martial Arts and/or Tricking with a group of people.

Let's use this page to share information, pictures, or videos on the subject or even gatherings and meetings!


* Starting June 1st - August 31st, We will be meeting every Sunday morning to train Martial Arts and Tricking Basics taught or hosted by a facilitator for 45 minutes. So if you're trying to train, learn, or just be active and exercise on a Summer Sunday Morning, Come Join us! Beginners and Newbies Welcome!

Afterwards we can all session and hang out. As of right now, the location is set to Lick Mill Park, but as the days go by we may talk about gathering at different locations just to change it up a bit! More details soon to come. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post or send JayR deGuzman a message!


JayR deGuzman
[email protected]