Medical Education should be a concern of every medical student as it shapes not only the quality of future doctors, but also the quality of healthcare.

The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) has a dedicated organ which aims to implement an optimal learning environment for all medical students around the world – the Standing Committee On Medical Education (SCOME).

SCOME aims to be the frame in which medical students worldwide contribute to the development of medical education. Students convene in SCOME to share and learn about medical education in order to improve it as well as benefit the most from it on a personal and professional basis.

We support active involvement in education on a individual level encouraging students to take the initiative and responsibility for their education both curricular and extracurricular, through: seeking educational experiences and opportunities for further development, participating in extracurricular activities that simultaneously enrich them and benefit their peers or the community, collaborating with the faculties by forming and expressing informed opinions and providing appropriate feedback in an effort to elicit necessary change, as well as with national and international bodies in order to contribute to global improvement of medical education.

We organize projects that promote and provide opportunities and tools for medical students to improve their knowledge and pursue their goals, provide information to students about relevant issues in their education, centralize students’ opinions, facilitate communication with the faculties or other institutions.

We seek to promote best evidence medical education practices for efficient delivery, advocate for improvements in faculties, national medical education systems and international guidelines.

Through all our joint efforts we work to create sustainable changes around the world, for ourselves as medical students, for the generations to come and for our future patients and our communities who are in fact the final beneficiaries of our education.

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