Separation, Divorce & Starting Over

This is a CLOSED group for men & women who are currently separated, and soon-to-be divorced or recently divorced. However, this is not a group for bashing ex-husbands, ex-wives, their mistresses, their family or friends, or anyone else that has been a casualty of the break-up of your marriage.

I would like this group to be a source for sharing - books, quotes, ideas, strategies, hints, tips, pics, etc. Really, anything that you think may help someone else move forward, or even help someone smile through these very painful situations, please feel free to add to this group. I know through my own experience, there have been many moments where I've felt so alone, and if I'd only known that there was someone else out there that had gone through the same thing, or had the same thought, it probably would've helped me through some dark times.

More importantly though, this is really a group about healing! I've been separated for more than 5 years, and although my healing has been a VERY long process, it has been an EXTREMELY important journey for me. The steps I've taken in mourning the loss of my marriage & towards healing has made me who I am today, and it has contributed to me having a great life again. So please use this group as a tool to find yourself, regain your confidence & self-esteem, or as an opportunity to start over!