Buy and Sell Southern Highlands - Baby, Kids & Parents Goods

Sell your baby, kids and parenting things and advertise your wanted items. We are a friendly group of people buying and selling baby, kids and parents goods. All members are expected to be respectful & fair to each other.

All members must upload their items for sale in the admin created group albums. Please ensure that you add your items for sale in the designated group album and do not create your own, as these will be deleted.

To upload your photos to group albums, you must do the following:
> Click Photos under the group name (look on right hand side of screen under group photo)
> Select Album (i.e Toys)
>Click ADD PHOTOS (on right hand side)
> Select Photos from your computer drive

When uploading a photo, only advertise the item for sale/wanted. Do not put photos up that don't actually relate to anything or that is not actually listed for sale, just to generate enquiries. When listing an ad, please be sure to include; item description, condition, price and pick up details. If your item is listed on other sites, you must clearly state this in the ad description. We will not tolerate sellers not being honest to interested parties and not following the order of interest. 1 warning.

Please note: There is a new Rule about Underbidding/Bargaining, please read carefully and abide by these terms.

Don't forget to write sold under anything you want.
1. Sold - If you want to buy and happy with conditions
2. Sold pending question - If you want seller to answer question before proceeding with sale
3. Sold pending payment - Seller to let other interested parties know item is off market.

If you say you are interested in buying something, you have 24hrs to confirm you will be proceeding with the sale. If you do not respond, the seller has every right to move onto the next interested buyer. This is to be fair to the seller and other interested buyers. No shows or cancellation of completing a sale after 1 week will get a warning from admin.

Please delete your items when you have received payment.

Place your advertisements at your own leisure and be respectful to others :) Please only bump your advertisements once every 48hrs and we would appreciate it if you didn't flood the wall with your ads. Maximum 5 ads at a time. So if you have a few advertisements separate them so you bump some in the morning, afternoon and some at night.

ADVERTISING YOUR BUSINESS OR FACEBOOK PAGE: Please do so by adding the link to the album ‘other facebook pages’. You may upload competition photos or advertising photos to this album only and only bump your business advertisement 1 per week. There is to be no wall advertising, if you do, your ad will be removed. DONT SPAM THIS PAGE OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED. If you advertise on this group page, we will take it that you agree to let us advertise on your page, if you don’t agree to let us advertise on your page, don’t do so on ours. If you are a business and would like to advertise items for sale then do so like the other members, place it in correct album, list the price, pick up location and description. Do not just upload photos and ask our members to go to your page. This is considered spamming we will remove you.

**This group does not tolerate spamming of any sort to our members. Under no circumstances will we accept member's inviting our members to events, without their prior permission, therefore there is to be no group invites PERIOD! !

Admin does not take responsibility for any sales. The sale of an item is between you and the buyer/seller. We just provide you with the marketplace to do so, less any fees. Please if you wish to discuss a matter, do it via Private Message/Inbox.

All buyers are responsible to do their own research before buying an item. We will not tolerate slander, vilification or defamation of character on the wall. It's not only illegal but unethical/immature behaviour. Please be courteous, fair and respectful. We are all grown ups.

If you have any problems or questions please contact one of the administrators via pm or post directly on the wall putting the @ symbol in front of their name:
Kathe Kat
Alana James
Dale Dunkley Kylie Burrows