A very special place to show off your Old English Sheepdogs, and, your Honorary Non-Sheepies.

A place to meet and make new friends, a place to gather, to discuss, to share thoughts, our joys, our sorrows.

A place to share your knowledge, experience, pictures, stories, links, web sites, events, birthdays, memorials, videos, and so much more.

All OES, an interest in OES, are all welcome to join us. We also value our very special Honorary Non-Sheepies just as much.

The blocking of any Admin is cause for immediate dismissal from the group.

Admins of similar groups found soliciting members of Old English Sheepdogs of Facebook will be removed from the group.

Old English Sheepdogs of Facebook respects similar groups of the same nature. We have never referred to any such similar group in a disrespectful way, shape, or form, and we never will.

Posts with flaming, rude, and/or disrespectful comments, are not tolerated. They will be removed.

Those that do so will have their posts moderated and possible removal from the group.

Be advised that ALL correspondence and/or photos in this group, fall under “‘copyright” laws, and anything posted and/or written in this group, may not be copied and/or forwarded without the specific consent, and/or permission, of the original poster, or the Group Administrator. Anyone that does so will be dismissed from the group.

Yes, we are very particular who joins OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOGS OF FACEBOOK. We are NOT about numbers. We are a closed group to protect your privacy.

We do not allow spam or spammers. We will never solicit anyone in the group by email to buy anything and/or to join anything.

Please inform the Group Administrator if anyone from the group emails you to ask to buy or join anything. Those that do so will be dismissed from the group.

Old English Sheepdogs of Facebook is a NO SELL group. We allow the posting of pictures of litters ONLY for bragging rights. We do NOT allow the selling, or advertising of puppies/dogs for sale in any way, and/or the looking for STUD DOGS.

All such posts with the slightest reference to such; selling, available, and/or advertising will be deleted. Those that continue to violate group policy, will be removed from the group

Advertising on the list is allowed, but may be limited and/or removed by Admins. Old English sheepdog clubs, Rescue Groups, Dog Related Merchandise; Informative posts/publications are permitted.

We support rescue. We support responsible breeders/breeding practices.

We are here to learn, to support each other, to educate each other.

Please be respectful to one another; please be kind to one another.

Thank you

Group Administrator
Michele MIKI Grosso

Violet Mika
Cindy Nicholls VanFrankfoort
Nina James

In Loving Memory of Willie The Say Hey Kid

Admins reserves the right to edit or remove content as needed, and will remove members when necessary.