San Joaquin Delta College Alpha Gamma Sigma (Alpha Beta Chapter)

Alpha Gamma Sigma, or AGS as it is often called, is the California Community College Scholastic Honor Society.

The Greek Letters in our name were selected because they are the initials from Greek words whose meanings
represent the motto of AGS: "Add to good character, knowledge, and judgment."

ALPHA stands for "Arete" meaning "Excellence"
GAMMA stands for "Gnosis" meaning "Knowledge"
SIGMA stands for "Sophrosyne" meaning "Wisdom"

Every Thursday in Locke 220B from 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

President: Chris Sandoval
Vice President: Joshua Locke
Treasurer: Chrystale Giacomotti
Secretary: Joana Mari Narvarte
Historian: Melissa Gonzalez
Publicist: Juan Manon
ICC Representative: Chris Sandoval
Social Activities Coordinator: Amara Michaelis
Webmaster: Brian Ratto
Community Service Coordinator: Porsha Mason
Fundraising Coordinators: VACANT POSITION