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This is THE SONY PS VITA Community.
We welcome you.
Here we talk FREELY about the future of gaming on the mighty Vita so please share your thoughts with us!

Here are some simple guidelines that we hope you can all adhere to while enjoying your time in the Community:

* No personal or verbal attacks.

* No advertising or spam.

* Game spoilers will be removed.

* Please don't ask to gameshare. You will be removed from the community.

* Posts may be deleted with discretion by admins at any time.

* Please add PSN IDs to the files in the attached post. Any thread asking for PSN IDs will now be deleted.

An official Twitter account at:

We also have a Destiny clan that is located at:

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact or tag one of the administrators :

Dimitris Aidis
Ryan McCulloch
Daniel Flores
Astargatis Agwiazda

Game On!!