South Sudanese All Over The World, Future Politicians Quorum

The politics of South Sudanese All Over The World Future Politicians Quorum (SSFPQ) concern the system of government in the Republic of South Sudan, a country in East Africa.

To be a globally recognised as political organisation that promoting development, education, nation building, training and mentoring for all South Sudanese political aspirations/inspirational within the country and overseas.

To support our government and actively promote personal development,to support the nation building and to work hand by hand to reduce insecurity in the country. to encourage investors to make investment in south sudan and Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience and lobby for issues affecting our citizens across (10) ten states as well as overseas.

To obtain for Government on:
- Good Governance
- Corruption Awareness
- Education
- Economic empowerment
-Personal development
- Political awareness

Description about : South Sudanese All Over The World, Future Politicians Quorum ( SSFPQ) is the TEAMS or network develops by youngs south Sudanese political leaders by providing opportunities to gain insights into the political systems and cultures of our country with which the teams has established exchange programs across the whole world. It also offers delegates from participating countries a chance to learn about SOUTH SUDAN and its SPLM 'S main political system and build enduring networks between youngs political leaders ACROSS THE WHOLE WORLD.