Silliman University Physical Therapist (SUPT)

Friends and Alumni of Silliman University Physical Therapy (SUPT)-- from the Philippines, North America, and around the World.

A couple of general ground rules for the group:
1. No inappropriate postings on the group wall. The group is called SUPT for a relevant reason, and we represent Silliman University Physical Therapy Alumni and/or its interests. Please keep this in mind.

2. On general wall postings and FB interactions: No Spamming or Phishing, No Wall Flooding, No Promotions or Marketing-we are a non-profit group, No Use of Foul and Hateful Language, No Nudity or Pornography, No Promotion of Self-harm, and No Threats or Violence of Any Kind. Anyone violating these basic Facebook rules will be removed and/or banned from this group, and will be reported to the Facebook admin.