Social Work Topical Interest Group of the American Evaluation Assoc (AEA)

Welcome to the Facebook page of the Social Work Topical Interest Group (TIG) of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). We are committed to building networks, and supporting evaluation in the profession of Social Work.
Although the AEA is a membership organization, this page is an open group. Please join us in dialogue and networking here! Feel free to introduce yourself, ask questions, offer thoughts, and invite others to share in our ever-growing network of social work evaluators.

The SW-TIG of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) has a current membership (as of Nov 2010) of over 200 members, hailing from across the US and several countries around the world. Our annual business meeting at the national conference in November is a time for in-person introductions, networking, socializing, and a wonderful interchange of ideas.

Comprised of over 5500 members from across the United States and around the world, AEA provides opportunities for networking, training, leadership, and learning. AEA members are practitioners, students, faculty, consultants, consumers, and managers of evaluation. They come from fields ranging from education and health and human services to organizational development, visitors studies, and quality improvement. Our members work in a range of settings, including private practice, government, non-profits, foundations, business and industry, NGOs, and universities, among others.

We welcome members at any point in their career, from any context, and representing a range of thought and approaches.

The American Evaluation Association's mission is to:
Improve evaluation practices and methods,
Increase evaluation use,
Promote evaluation as a profession, and
Support the contribution of evaluation to the generation of theory and knowledge.

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