Sacramento Jobs and Careers

Currently out of work or needing more work? Having problems finding places that are hiring? Lets see if we can help!

This is a group to help spread the word on Jobs and Careers in the Sacramento area. If you know of a place in or around Sacramento that is hiring please post it here. Employers/agencies are highly encouraged to share their job openings with contact information.

Please, do not post that you are looking for a job as we are already aware and such posts clog up the news feed. You may upload your resume to the Files section, but be aware it is public to anyone.

This is not a place for at-home businesses or other be-your-own boss opportunities. (Rideshare posts must be approved by Admin).

This group is in no way responsible for any aspect of hiring so to notify of current companies that are hiring. We are not responsible for any scams or the like. Though we do ask that any posts of scams be reported to Admins of this group for removal.

We will try to setup links to resources for job fairs, employment centers and the like.(please be patient as it this is a new group and it takes time to gather such information)

**Disclaimer: Admin reserves the right to delete posts, decline posts, or delete comments not conducive to the goals of the group**