This page is being set up to monitor large criminal acts and other crimes like burglary, vandalism and car theft. The aim is to report any crimes to this page and we will update everyone on the crimes happening in your area. If you have an emergency call 911.

This page is being set up to monitor crimes and it relies on information coming from members and anonymous tip offs. The intent is then to let people know of crimes in Sage, Aguanga and Anza California.
Then people can take steps to protect themselves and their property.

Please, no smearing or accusations. While public domain information like arrest reports and police incident reports are welcome, this is not the forum for bashing your neighbors. =)
Emergency phone numbers are listed at the bottom of this description for your convenience.

1. NO: advertise.

2. LOST AND FOUND is ok.

3. NO posting about politics, religion, etc.

4. NO bashing of law enforcement.

5. NO TROLLING! A cyber troll is defined as someone who posts or comments in the attempt to start an argument or upset people. Do not post it if you have a deliberate intent of provoking members. Please stay on topic of the post. I will give you a comment / warning , then after, if there's 3 strikes, You're Out, meaning you will be deleted out of group.

6. Do not block an will be banned.

7. Feel free to post a positive event from your day!

8. Commit as many random acts of kindness as you wish!

9. NO bashing, bullying, harassing, attacking or NAME CALLING, and, No Rude remarks, to other members. If you think a post or comment is "stupid" ---> Move On...

10. NO Selling.

11. ATTENTION: If an urgent matter occurs, PLEASE CALL 911

Any question or concern please private message admin. We are here to help!

ADMINS: Eleni Malandrinos and Diane Sieker


Sage Fire Station 28 951 767 0118

Post Office main 1 800 275 8777
DIRECT# Inspectors 1 877 876 2455 Mail Theft
Consumer Affairs 951 782 4263
Attorney General 1 800 952 5225 Complaints of mail box

Animal Control: 951-674 0618

Building and Safety: 951 246 6213

Graffiti: 951 246 6216

Public Works: 951 246 6215

Riverside County
non emergency Sheriff: 1 800 950 2444 #5

Missing Person: 1 800 491 7123

Road Repair: 951 955 6899

Waste Management 1 888 964 9792

FBI : 1 310 477 6565

DEA San Diego : 1 858 616 4100
DEA Riverside County 951 328 6000*** ext 6110

Capt Wood 951 791 3400

Drug Trafficing 951 955 6384

Riverside County Road Dept. Transportation
Washington Road 951 955 6899