Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro's


This is a professional Sales Networking Grou...p for anyone in the Mortgage industry, Insurance, Lawyers, Home Builders, CPA's, Escrow/Title Companies, and any one interested in growing their personal sales or sales teams.

1. Do NOT attempt to post or advertise anything that is not a tool for mortgage pro's. We don't want your face cream in here.
2. NO MLM or Network Marketing spams
3. Live video's are going to be approved more than posts of meme's. While we like them daily an overuse of these doesn't add value. Live video's add the most value. Post more of these and add value to the group.
4. INVITE anyone in the mortgage industry directly or indirectly to the group. THE GOAL is to be the leading source of industry news and the go to spot for mortgage pro's on social media. We can't get there with out YOU. Engage, like, comment, share on posts and you will gain exposure. Do not invite people that are not in the industry or even a correlating industry in here. We will be cleaning out members on a regular basis whom do not fit the mold.
5. We love sales, and you should too. Be creative and fun, not RUDE and/or put anyone down in comments etc. Do this once and your out. No joke, we will be a supportive group for mortgage pro's. No hating on competition or sales tactics. Unless unprofessional or unethical call that person out. lol
6. If your PRIVATE MONEY LENDER and going to advertise in this group, DO NOT ADVERTISE RATE. We do not want rate on Private money. Just state what you do and sell.. :)
7. GOT AN IDEA or something you see fit to be a rule, reach out to any ADMIN, which includes Shawn Devlin, Ryan Stewman, Lindsay Davis, TJ Barker or Michael Fischer.