Screened Rescues, Crossposters, and Transporters for All Animals in Need.

I am neither a licensed nor registered rescue. This group has been created to aid those of you who do all the real work. Prior to adding a member to this group, a cursory background and web search will be performed in an effort to protect the privacy of members and functions and the lives of our animals from those who would do them harm.

If you see or experience negative activity on this site, please report the activity and action will be taken as warranted.

If you're a Rescue Friend on my personal page and not included in this group, it's because your settings don't allow you to be added to the group or you've reached the maximum group membership allowed by Facebook.

Please send suggestions as this is a new group evolving as we work.

Thanks for your active participation and God Bless You for helping all the little ones.

Ever in your debt,
Michele FrancisClare.