San Angelo Garage Sale

All members of this group MUST adhere to these guidelines or risk being removed.

This is an online garage sale site. Items posted here should fall into the category of something you would find at a garage sale. Feel free to post ISO (in search of) items as well. All sales are final. The group, and it’s admins are not responsible for anything involving your item or post. All transactions are between the poster and the buyer.

PLEASE, NO retail sales, business ads, weight loss gimmicks, food sales, and ABSOLUTELY no pets… etc.

Invite your friends to join!

If you post multiple photos, please create an album to help keep the page uncluttered.

If you sell an item, please mark it sold. Admins will then go in and be able to delete and keep the page clean.

Please keep commenting to a minimum. Any personal conversations should be moved to a PM (private message) or txt msg/email between you and the potential buyer.

BUMPING: limited to 2x daily. No need to step on others just because you’re anxious to sell.

Admins reserve the right to maintain the sight as best they see fit. If you have any issues, feel free to message them directly.

Now… start posting!