Sangamon County Re-Gifting

Rules of Sangamon County Re-gifting,
Not Allowed
Cribs, car seats or bases, bumbos, recalled items, knock off items (picture of creed or tags must be posted when available), pack n plays, breast pumps, alcohol, illegal items, food of any kind (unless licensed to sell food). Asking for free items, links to eBay or Craigslist, anyone under 18, "posting for a friend" posts, sharing from a friend's profile or another group, make offers.
Bumping your post is allowed 24 hours after LAST COMMENT. Bump your old posts, DO NOT RE POST
Asking for donations must have approval, just posting an event does not
Event tickets must have a picture of ticket being sold!
Small businesses in Sangamon County can advertise. Home Based (Consultants) are permitted to do so per the guidelines of your business. If you are not permitted to and you do so anyway, you will be banned from the group. No recruiting or inventory
Pets are allowed, but must be 8 weeks old. Born/ready date, shot record, and any vet care must be posted with listing. No deposits
You must live, work, or be willing to drive to Sangamon County to post
Do not comment on someones post that you are looking for or selling the same thing, or comment on an ISO post that you will take something if the poster doesn't, make your own post
Once you have a price listed, you CAN NOT increase the price.
2 single pictures allowed at anytime, only ONE PICTURE PER POST or post will be DELETED. Anymore than 2 MUST be in an album that is shared from your page. There is an album on how to do this under the photo tab. (3 album max). Comment on it once you've shared so you can find it later.
Items being sold should go with first interest not first with cash in hand. **ASKING A QUESTION DOES NOT SHOW INTEREST. It is up to the seller if he/she thinks asking a question is showing interest. All we ask is stick to one way, either first to ask a question or first to say interested and not skip over 2 that ask a question then sell to the third to ask a question. Solution, Say interested then ask a question. There have been many people that ask a question, then unfollow the post and then the seller loses sales. There are also sneaky people who see the first person didn't say interested and immediately comment with interested and think they should get it. If a seller does not hear back from a buyer after 24 hours, seller can move to next in line**
Selling items that you received for free from another site will result in you being banned
DO NOT say an item is overpriced or anything to that affect
DO NOT agree to a sale and then sell to another
DO NOT agree to meet with a seller and then not show up.
Any person wanting to post a group, must have approval from admin
1st violation of these rules your post will be removed, 2nd, you will be removed. We reserve the right to remove a member for any reason at anytime
Please message an admin with questions or concerns, do not post in feed
Admins are Donna and Lenny Allen, and Carol Blackwell