SatinAngels Buy Sell & Auctions : Supporting Rescued Animals

SatinAngels Supporting Rescued Animals. A place to buy, sell or auction quality New & Used Items and help support all the abused animals in the world.

No animal should suffer abuse or neglect at the hands of evil. Dedicated rescuers work day and night to rescue these animals, to help them recover or help them cross over while being cradled in loving arms.

We are here for the animals. If you wish to post a link for another site raising money to help animals we don't mind except if A) You do not contact an admin first and B) you do not allow the same courtesy on your site. With admin permission post your link with the message "Approved by Admin - name"


"ADMINISTRATOR AUCTIONS: We automatically donate 10% of our sales, some of our "Special" listings will include a gift or a full 100% donation to the shelter of the week.

Any members are welcome to list their items, but please consider donating 5-10% of your sales to the weekly rescuer / animal carer / or shelter listed. Your listings must state if you are donating and the % of sales you will be donating !!

Got items at home you don't know what to do with, then list them, sell them and not only have you uncluttered your home, you have become part of the healing process for an animal in need.

Sales will run for 10 days. Purchased items must be paid to seller within 48 hours. Each sale will have a new shelter /rescuer/foster listed.

Now come & join, browse the items, sell your items, have fun and remember "Every single person can make a difference to a suffering animal"

HISTORY OF SatinAngels Fundraising Ferrets.

We are ladies who through doing rescues of our own realized that the stories behind many of the animals is sad, long and heartbreaking. Our animals are loved and are in their forever homes, but many more need help.
Some of our ferrets whispered in our ears ... you can help Mommy, and so was created followed soon by this sales group.