Savvy Business Owners

This is a private group for women who are or want to be Savvy Bu...siness Owners.

To join, visit You will be sent a link to the group as well as signed up to get bi-weekly FUNmail.

(Feel free to invite your friends. Send them the link above.)

How to get the most of this community:

1. SHARE: Share your successes and failures, tips and tricks, and resources. Please don't just continually promote yourself or business though. That's just lame.

2. ASK: Don't be afraid to ask questions. More than likely, someone else has your same question.

Guidelines for the Community:

BE NICE: Rude comments or continual negative attitudes will not be tolerated. It doesn't mean you can't be real and things will always be rainbows and unicorns, but share the bad only if you follow-up with a lesson learned or a good.

SUPPORT OTHERS: If you support them, they will support you. Give back.

NO PROMOS ONLY: If you are here just to promote your services or products and not to give back or share, you should not be a member of this community. People who are continually self-promoting without giving back will be considered spammers and will be removed.

No "mini blog posts" are allowed. They will be deleted if you post them. So many of you are eager to share your knowledge and default to posting mini-lessons in the main feed. We would like to suggest an alternative way you can help others. Instead of posting a long note/lesson, use the search function to find people who are already asking for help and comment on their posts.

If for any reason, you don't see your original post, it could mean it's been moderated by a SBO Ambassador or Heather.

Do your due diligence. If you decide to hire anyone or create any contractual relationship (verbally or written) with someone you’ve met via this group, you do so at your own risk. Please do your due diligence and always get clear, written contracts and service agreements in place. While we love to believe everyone in the world is honest and ethical, that is not always the case. Neither Heather Crabtree LLC nor the companies of the Ambassadors are responsible for any loss of revenue, damages, breach of contract, or any other unfavorable circumstance as a result of that relationship.


This community is hosted by Heather Crabtree and moderated by Heather and the Savvy Business Owner Ambassadors: DeNeitra Burnett, Ginny Krauss, Danielle Miller and Nevica Vasquez. We will be here to support, motivate and uplift you all.

We will be sharing updates on webinars, retreats and I will be sharing some of my services and products from time to time, but you will also be the first to know about any of these things.

Make It Work Monday
Share & Care Tuesday
Wednesday Weekly Mixer
Thursday Talk
Fist Bump Friday

I want the best for all of you. If you ever have any questions, email me at

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