School Free Teens - Homeschool | Unschool | Drop Out | Online Learning

This is a DISCUSSION group primarily for teens who are (or are considering) living without traditional school to share ideas and advice about exploring, discovering, and developing passions, talents, and interests.

Teens get older of course. If you were a school free teen with ideas and advice that might be relevant to teens, please share. Your role is as a sort of mentor. You've been there. Done that and know what worked well for you and what you wish you'd done differently.

The role of adults is limited. This is a great opportunity to listen to school-free teens.
1) Read and like but the majority of postings should be for/from teens.
2) Share opportunities for teens i.e. contests, internship/apprenticeships/careers, events, writing opportunities, etc.
Adults can discuss issues around parenting school free teens at

This group is NOT a place to find people to sell items/services. This means if you have something you are sharing that people have to pay for don't share it here.

This is a group for conversation so please don't just paste a link without explaining why it is there. These posts will be removed.

Please keep these updating & commenting do's & don't in mind when contributing