School-Based Speech And Language Therapy

---A place to discuss issues in the provision of services in the schools and discuss evidence-based treatment.
******* Parents looking for advice should seek a qualified SLP, their school district, or early intervention.*******
---While we gladly welcome undergraduate & graduate students to join this forum, we need to lay a few ground rules down about seeking help on assignments. You need to state at the beginning of your post that the question is related to an assignment. SLP members are free to give you suggestions, but they cannot complete your assignments for you.
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---Admins make every attempt to ensure that all members are SLPs. However Facebook privacy settings can make this difficult. Please be careful of what you say as not everyone may be an SLP.
---Any advice and suggestions given in this forum should be taken as such. Advice and suggestions posted here are absolutely no substitute for a thorough speech and language evaluation by a properly credentialed SLP.
Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful, supportive group!