Scientific Papers

The purpose of this group is to help PhD Student and Doctor of all specialties, in search of original scientific papers, communications, notes and books.

Dear Member you are welcome.If you're respected these instructions:

1-Any posts any sharing must be related to the Research papers, Communications, Notes and Books and their fields .

2- You should write in English. and any posts not in English wil be removed without notice.

3-The religious , social and political posts are not allowed.

4- Who violates these rules . will be removed from the group without notice.

Admins: Abdelaali Rahmouni (Morocco) & Abderrahim Boulanouar (Morocco) & Lahcen El Moudnib (Morocco) & Rajesh Pandiyan (India) & Rajae Manzali (Morocco) & Soumaya Chadi (Tunisia) & Mohammed Azharuddin (India) & Syed Muzammil Ali (Malaysia)

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