Scrappers' Anonymous Getaway - NJ

Scrapbooking is about keeping memories alive and fresh. Getting away gives you some solid time to preserve those photos and mementos that you cherish (but have stuck in a drawer). Scrapbooking getaways are also about making new memories - having fun with friends, exchanging ideas, letting your creativity expand.

S.A.G. offers scrappers a chance to have a productive weekend of scrapbooking fun at a reasonable cost.

What can you expect from a weekend? We think you can expect a lot. Bring a project; bring a friend; bring a smile. Experts can help you with your layouts and we expect you, in turn, will help other people. Scrapbooking is both extremely intimate and very sociable. Saving memories, sharing reminiscences, reliving the past for yourself and bringing it alive for others -- all preserved in a fashion that is uniquely yours.